Local Development Strategy

In 2013 West Lothian LEADER carried out a consultation with local community members and developed the West Lothian LEADER Local Development Strategy (LDS).

This strategy outlines our goals for the 2014-2020 programme. Icon for pdf West Lothian LEADER Strategy 2014-2020 [1.95MB]

Our themes and outcomes for the current programme are:

Theme 1: Well-connected Communities

  • Outcome 1: Improved digital inclusion
  • Outcome 2: Improved access to affordable transport
  • Outcome 3: Improved knowledge sharing and partnership working

Theme 2: Stronger Communities

  • Outcome 4: Improved skills and increased access to job opportunities
  • Outcome 5: More sustainable social enterprises and small businesses
  • Outcome 6: Reduced rural poverty and improved financial inclusion
  • Outcome 7: Making the most of community assets
  • Outcome 8: Improved health and wellbeing in rural communities

Theme 3: Improved Local Environment

  • Outcome 9: Preserved and enhanced local heritage, landscape and environment
  • Outcome 10: Improved visitor numbers and experience

Cross-Cutting Themes

It is expected that all LEADER projects will address these themes

  • Equalities
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability (by which we mean continuity and/or legacy)
  • Partnership working

Projects are expected to report back to us against each of the outcomes they have chosen and evidence what they have achieved.