Linlithgow Union Canal Society

St Magdalene Replacement Project


Total Project Cost: £170,013.00

LEADER Grant: £87,013.00

Project Type: Community

Project Summary

The Linlithgow Union Canal Society was founded in 1975 to promote and encourage the restoration and use of the Union Canal. The society is run by unpaid volunteers who are responsible for the facilities and all activities at the canal basin in Linlithgow.

The grant will allow the society to procure a boat to replace St Magdalene which is now 25 years old; The new boat will offer greater comfort and safety as well as a better passenger experience with windows in the roof allowing a wider view of the canal and its surroundings.

There will also be flexible seating allowing the boat to be hired out for functions to generate additional income that can be used to offset the costs of maintaining the canal centre and running educational activities.